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LJA i need some rest

September 24, 2020

Judging by his latest endeavor, LJA really should take some of his own advice. I Need Some Rest proves to be a sound recommendation as I reach the ethereal conclusion of this darkly executed sophomore EP. 

After 2019's Homely, the bedroom pop artist from Hoboken returns with a synth-laden arsenal of tracks designed to seduce the insomniac in all of us. 


"Bedtime Novels" weaves a guitar hook fit for restless nights of tossing and turning. The drums pulse like a throbbing temple. Echoes shimmer down the corridor. His dissonant tenor completes the dreamscape.

LJA Album Cover - I Need Some Rest .JPG

" I can't guarantee that any of it actually happened."

Listen to I Need Some Rest:

Reading a book in bed. Feeling invisible at a party. A love slowly forgotten. LJA is not one to shy away from the events that bind him. I Need Some Rest gives us snapshots of a man reflecting, taking a breath and turning the door knob. 

The flashbulbs pop quickly. There isn't a track over two and a half minutes. As a result, it punches like the A side of a punk record. 

LJA has been burning that famous midnight oil. "Where will I be three years down the road?" 

"One can only dream."

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