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mike fuller

the human condition ep

November 1, 2020

Remember all those lock down goals? Be honest! It's okay. Unprecedented times, right? Might as well put the free time to good use... with The Human Condition EP, Mike Fuller has done exactly that.


The Jersey born, Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist has turned his personal experience during these strange days into something tangible. The result is a sinewy yet fragile ode of genuine self-awareness.

Without a doubt, Mike is a musical sponge. It would be an injustice to try and track down the many inspirations laid across these tracks. Although, he does a damn good job of trying. 


His EARPLUGS always on hand, Fuller usually has borderline affordable tickets to the best show in the five boroughs on any God-given Gotham evening. His love of music defies genre and The Human Condition EP reflects this eclecticism. 


Mike's Instagram Live Concert Series "Quarantunes" raised over $3,500 for charities reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

EP Cover.png

"Paper Cut" kicks things off with a driving guitar riff. A hit of the snare drum opens the verse with an airy brilliance. "You're always expected. You don't go too deep." Right from the start, it isn't hard to deduce that these words aren't about any mere skin abrasion. This is a big ol' slice of life. If something breaks the surface, it will leave a lasting mark.

"I wrote the songs about things happening in my life and to those around me. They all seemed to be eerily connected to this greater existential issue."

The relevance of this statement strengthens with each passing minute spent under quarantine. "Think we've got it all figured out as it breaks down." Peaks and valleys, Mike speaks candidly about observations. 

The forlorn slide guitar weaves between the contemplative lyrics of "Break Down." This slow grooving analysis is presented with a southern spice that comes from a place a little closer to the Mason-Dixon line. 

The Human Condition EP finishes with bright acoustics and rich harmonies. "After a While" is a humanizing folk tune. Mike blends his vocal register into an uplifting warning while displaying guitar and piano work that would even make David Crosby tap a foot.

Fuller continues to work tirelessly in his Brooklyn bunker.  Admirably, he has found his silver lining. 

Listen to The Human Condition EP:

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